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About Mattice Movement

Mattice Movement is a coaching service which focuses on educating adults physical literacy. Mattice Movement helps individuals learn how to build a resilient body using sustainable methods. With Mattice Movement, you will develop confidence in your body allowing you to move through life with ease.


Return to your natural rhythm. Develop strength and resilience. Discover your potential.

Online Training

Coach Cameron offers personalized online coaching aimed to remove the confusion out of healthy living!


Coach Cameron facilitates in person workshops developed to educate adults physical literacy. In a group setting, you can learn how to develop a movement practice that will help sustain you through life. Alongside your friends, you can playfully explore movement and develop a trust in your body.


With a personalized program you can forget about the guess work and be confident that you’re going to achieve your goals. Along with a clear map, you can expect to have someone guide you every step of the way.

  • 1.

    Initial Conversation and Goal Setting Session:

    Schedule a video call and speak with Coach Cameron directly. This will allow us to get to know each other, to identify your specific goals, how we can begin to achieve these goals.

  • 2.

    Physical Assessment:

    Cameron will send you a questionnaire and list of movements that you will be required to record yourself doing. This allows Cameron to determine what your baseline level of fitness is, and gives him the ability to create a plan personalized to your unique needs.

  • 3.

    Personalized Movement Plan

    Shortly after completing your assessment, Cameron will create a personalized movement plan that you will follow along for 4 weeks. It will be delivered to you through an app that can be accessed by computer or smart device, giving you the ability to complete the training sessions where ever is convenient for you. Within this plan, you will have access to a video instruction, you can track your progress, and receive on-going feedback.

  • 4.

    Bi-Weekly Check In

    Every other week, you will schedule a call to speak with Cameron to discuss how you’re doing with the plan. This is your chance to troubleshoot anything that is preventing you from making progress. This is also the perfect opportunity to discuss other lifestyle habits that will help you achieve your goals.

  • 5.

    Monthly Plan Revision

    After completing the 4 weeks of training, Cameron will reassess your plan based on the progress you’ve made. This is a time to revamp your program to prevent it from getting stale. It is also a time to progress movements to continue to challenge you and move you in the direction of your goals. By progressively changing the plan, you will learn fundamental movements step-by-step in a way that ensures long-term success.


Tamara Fournier - Forest Therapy Guide

"Cameron helped me with some pain management and gave me a posture & breath assessment. It really created a shift. It feels like Cameron cares about my well-being and overall improvement in life. He is knowledgeable, and has an ability to break information down into a way that's understandable for me. I very much appreciated his help! Thanks Cam!"

Trevor Hunt - Former Collegiate Hockey Player

"There are those who teach, and those who inspire.  Through his own compelling personal story, unique ability to transfer positive energy, and underlying integrity which drives him, Cameron is one who inspires. To be pushed beyond my own limits to become a better athlete, healthier body, and a stronger leader is unattainable without strong support and Cameron, for me, is the core of that mantra. The best coaches I've ever had are in the trenches with you along the way, and where overcoming adversity and fitness is concerned, Cameron has certainly walked a mile in the shoes which indulge in both!  Those who do not experience the lowest point of the valley, are those who cannot appreciate the greatest peak of the mountain"

Julian Lomega - Former Collegiate Basebal Player

"Training with Cameron increased my diligence and mental strength in the gym, at home with nutrition and overall with living a healthy lifestyle. At the time, I was a baseball player at Louisiana State University of Alexandria and an alumni from the Ontario Blue Jays. Cameron helped me prepare for college baseball with rigorous and disciplined exercise, and really went in depth to making me a better player. The knowledge that he provided me never leaves my head when training on my own. Not only did I see achieve results as an athlete, I feel that Cameron has helped become a better person."

Our Amazing Team

Cameron Mattice


Cameron is a passionate coach who is devoted to helping others feel free and confident in their body. He has received a degree in Kinesiology from York University, registered as a Yoga Teacher, and gained certification as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has been in the field for a decade providing his services in both individual and group settings. He continues to educate himself through a combination of experiential and formal study, with the desire of refining his coaching process.

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